Who are you? What makes a developer distinct?

When the bunch of developers are out there, with proper skills and educational backgrounds as well as exposure to software development, what makes you more distinct and valuable?

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The factors affecting qualities of a web developer.

Direct benefits

  • Has estimated on projects
  • Can wireframe the concepts
  • Can take over social media accountability

Work History

  • Has received appreciations
  • Consistently served longer period to companies
  • Worked as full-time office employee
  • Talked with customers directly
  • Has a verifiable work history

Online Reputation

  • Has user notes in PHP Manual
  • Owns and maintains open-source products
  • Has a community reputation
  • Has a good developers network
  • Has user profiles in Open Source Communities
  • Has published articles about PHP/WordPress
  • Has contributed to Wikipedia articles


  • Worked for middle-man
  • Has trained colleagues
  • Has worked with non-developers
  • Has worked with pepole from different backgrounds
  • Has worked with multi culture people
  • Has travelled into places


  • Has worked with difficult projects
  • Has worked with difficult customers
  • Has worked with difficult team members
  • Has worked with difficult managers
  • Has dealt with difficult moments

Side Projects

  • Worked as freelancer
  • Has worked from home
  • Has personal side projects

Technical Expertise

  • Has written technical articles
  • Has technically led the developers
  • Can work in multiple operating systems
  • Can use less words in explaining things
  • Can write Unit Tests
  • Can be available during odd hours and holidays
  • Prioritizes understanding problem than coding
  • Has solved problems of unknown developers (internet forums)


  • Has professional certificates
  • Has a related degree in Software Engineering
  • Has continuously upgraded skills