WordPress Resources

Useful resources for WordPress plugins and themes development.

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Officially Publishing Plugins



Themes Testing and Data

Plugin Ideas


Resources and Repositories - Official

  • Developer Documentation
  • Core - WordPress core development, dev repo initiated
  • Dashicons - official icon font of the WordPress admin
  • Ideas - ideas proposed in WordPress community
    • Before suggesting a new idea, be sure to search to see if it's already been suggested.
  • SVN: Plugins, [GitHub]() - Some projects are still empty. Visit: /PLUGIN/
  • SVN: Themes
  • VIP Quickstart - Development Best Practices


Plugins Development

@todo Bring the common descriptions from individual project locations.

Status: Published

Status: In Development

These plugins may have private repository.

  • Correct Me - Visitors send suggestions for page enhancement. | Download | Develop

Status: In Ideas (Conceptual Design)

If you know such plugin exists already, please point them out. Open Ideas, Open Challenge!

  • Chart Me - See which page/post was visited how many times in each day. | Download | Develop
  • Directory - Name, URL, Phone, Email, Logo | Download | Develop
  • Calendar Layer - Import a Google Calendar Layer | Download | Develop
  • Hide a Part - Control the visibility of a part of a content. | Download | Develop
  • Hook Me Up - Notifies other systems that you have a new post | Download | Develop
  • I Have a WordPress - Tell the directory that you have a WordPress website. | Download | Develop
  • Login Center - One form to login multiple WordPress sites. | Download | Develop
  • Next-Please | Fresh-Again - Randomizes first post to give a fresh feel | Download | Develop
  • Proposals - Submits proposals to prospects. | Download | Develop
  • Reference - Puts reference links in posts. | Download | Develop
  • Search History - Captures the searched strings | Download | Develop
  • QOTD - Programmer's quotes of the day | Download | Develop

Cute Plugins

Selected as developer's point of view.