Notice on Mis-Behaving Emails

Question: Are you receiving inappropriate emails from my domain?

If no, ok; you can jump to other articles rather. If yes, find out below if an email is genuinely from me or not.

I NEVER send out any inappropriate emails to anyone else. BUT I continuously receive a lot of bounced back emails as a result of unsuccessful delivery to their destinations. The original unknown sender  seems to compose and send emails from different locations using various IPs using this domain’s name. Those third-party systems are possibly spoofing my domain name and non-existing emails; with random email addresses, which is definitely unacceptable to you and me.

Please report to such mis-behaving emails and their originators.

Important: My Domain has a Sender Policy Framework

My domain has published a SPF (Sender Policy Framework), which means, unless the emails were generated legitimately from my domain, you will possibly see an additional email header something similar to:

Received-SPF: ___ (___: domain of transitioning ___@___ does not designate ___ as permitted sender) client-ip=___;

And for all genuine emails that I compose manually, you will see an email header like:

Received-SPF: pass (___: domain of ___@___ designates ___ as permitted sender) client-ip=___;

Please remain aware of receiving fraudulent emails. Security measures you can do:

  • Checkout the username or From: name and email.
  • Checkout the SPF header line (not permitted sender).
  • Checkout the destination email address.
  • Checkout the IP Address of the server from where such emails were generated.
  • Checkout the contents of the emails.
  • Be aware of file attachments (do not open, but see the names or kind).

In any case, please do not read or open attachments of any kind. These kinds of emails were never generated from my server.

Please consider your safety measures as much as you can. None-of the products hosted in this domain are meant to trouble my visitors, but be careful with untrusted third-party email senders. I apologize for your discomfort if any, but this case is beyond my reach and control.

I never send out any inappropriate emails to anyone else. I respect everyone.

About email spoofing – From Gmail:

Please read a post on Gmail Help regarding email spoofing and know how to report email headers.